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Addressing Labor

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Projects today are more complex than they have ever been, with higher costs, more parties involved, and tighter schedules. One of the areas that our clients face the greatest challenges and most frustration is with labor.

Labor Struggling to keep up with Demand

Labor Struggling to keep up with Demand

As the amount of active projects has grown over the last few years, the labor market has struggled to keep up. There quite simply is not enough skilled workers to meet the current demand. As a result, there is a battle for manpower and most development teams are left wondering: "who's on my job?" 

While data and analytics have exploded across industries, most project teams lack transparent, reliable, and actionable data during the build out. Therefore, it’s difficult to track projects without a strong on-site presence and a lack of data can create confusion, disputes, and project delays. 

That's why we're excited to announce a solution at all levels of project participation to address labor challenges with:

Eyrus work by: 

  • By replacing today’s outdated, manual data entry solutions with an automated data collection system, Eyrus simplifies labor tracking for the on-site team.

  • By creating a real-time dashboard of project analytics, Eyrus facilitates project intelligence and workforce visibility for off-site parties.

  • By comparing headcount by trade to a manloading model, Eyrus ensures early detection of delays and early recovery to keep the project on track.

  • By tracking labor quality issues, key people missing, and deviations from schedule, Eyrus helps minimize disputes and reduce claims.

Real Time Project Analytics and Alerts

Real Time Project Analytics and Alerts

Implementing a tool like Eyrus enables you to begin to understand your labor at a deeper level. You can know track a quality curve for the workforce of each subcontractor to identify instances of crew changes or unsupervised work. You can know set up alerts if key people are missing from the site or if a sub has accumulated a deficit beyond an acceptable threshold. 

If you're interested in learning more, please connect with us at to chat about Eyrus and other innovative technology that is helping bring the construction and real estate industries into the 21st century.