Planning · Growth Profit  

Anticipate and spark construction and real estate firms to thrive in complex, competitive environments. 

You face a variety of challenges and opportunities from growth initiatives, acquisitions, and P&L improvement to succession planning, market diversification, and business transitions. We combine strategic planning with hands on execution to ensure our clients are preparing for the future and capitalizing on the present. We provide services in the following focus areas

Corporate Development - Preparing Your Business to Thrive in All Conditions and Establish Your Legacy

Strategic & Succession Planning · Leadership Development & Recruitment · M&A · Business Transitions

You're an iconic founder or a second generation leader with mature or emerging success in the New York market. You've used your vision and grit to create a thriving business and a great reputation, even a legacy. You know the world, our industry, and your life is evolving rapidly and you're thinking about what's next. What growth initiatives should you pursue? Which individuals can emerge as your next leaders? How do you unlock the value you've created in your business? What would a transition from day to day involvement look like? How do you leave a legacy that lives on? Every business is unique, but we all wrestle with these universal questions. Our industry is a special place where anyone can achieve the American dream. Yet, it's full of organizations that grew too fast, evolved too slowly, could not see a reason to change, or failed to successfully transition to new leadership. We help you future-proof your business so that it succeeds in the years ahead, in your vision. 

Project Advisory Services  - Achieving Success by Navigating Complexity, Managing Risks, and Supporting Turn-Arounds

GMP Development · Labor Strategies · Risk Mitigation · Regulatory Hurdles · Contingencies · Recapitalization 

Advisory services for real estate developers considering high rise and complex construction projects requires a more robust evaluation than at any other time in our history.  Revisiting the basic industry questions as to who can BID, BUY, BUILD and BILL these projects is now subject to a paradigm shift in our industry. In the not too distant past, selecting the right construction management firm took you the majority of the way to schedule and cost certainty.  You relied on was an established track record, primarily based on the company’s past performance, purchasing power, trade contractor relationships, command and control of a labor force, experience and team.  Value adds were sophisticated insurance programs, logistics and regulatory expertise with trade contractors who were open shop or union.  Projects of a certain size, the requirements to use a tower crane, the much sought after 3 day cycle and there was a dividing line. This is no longer the case. Every project has the same priorities. Quality, Budget and Schedule.  It’s uncanny how frequently there is a divergence from this criteria without a clear understanding of where things when awry. The drive to be first in class to utilize predictive analytics to manage outcomes is a differentiator for our customers.

Technology & Innovation - Implementing New Tools and New Systems To Change How Our Industry Works

Data & Analytics · Automation & Visualization · Communication & Transparency · Creativity & Implementation

Our industry is notorious for living in the past, being slow to adapt new solutions, without leveraging technology. Entrepreneurial and tech driven companies have long tried to "disrupt" how we work and "help us into the 21st century". Yet, they typically lack the deep domain expertise and industry knowledge necessary to solve today's challenges in a cost effective and scalable way. We believe that innovation and technology adoption will be driven from within our industry, with established leaders driving the progress. Therefore, we incorporate technology as the foundation of everything that we do. We create custom technology solutions to solve specific challenges, such as our SHE Knows Opportunity Database. We also partner with the most impactful technology providers to introduce key technologies to our clients, such as EYRUS' Trade Recording and Reporting Platform. Be on the lookout for an invite to the Construction Innovation Association that we are spearheading.