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Future-Proof Your Business 

Fu·ture-Proof (adj) - unlikely to become obsolete


Iconic Firms in the Construction & Real Estate Industry must prepare to manage the rapidly evolving changes that are transforming our industry. 

Rapid market change means plans have a shorter shelf life. Staying ahead of the curve is essential in addressing labor strategies, attracting executive talent and implementing new technologies in order to remain  competitive & profitable. So, how do you become more resilient while keeping & growing your customer base? 

Strategic Planning

Develop 5 Year-3 Year-1 Year Plans to Prepare For Market Changes

Create A Business Development Plan to Sustain & Pursue New Markets

Develop Key Performance Indicators to Track Changes in Your Business

Project Advisory Services 

Explore Project Feasibility, Risk Mitigation, & Financing Models 

Develop GMP Strategies for Increasingly Complex Development Projects 

Navigate Labor Options to Achieve Best Value & Schedule Certainty 

Succession Planning

Attract, Develop and Retain Key Executives & Future Leaders

Create a Founder Roadmap to Identify Opportunities for Change in Control

Define Your Legacy for Your Reputation, Your Employees & Your Customers


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Using Technology & Data Visualization to Help Transform Our Industry

We believe in enhancing our experience with objective data, deep analytics, and real time information. We help our clients use technology and data visualization to transform complex information into simple, understandable, and actionable insights. 


Use Real Time Data to Make Decisions

Identify upcoming project opportunities by sector & size

Understand labor shortages & their impact on scheduling

Track lender activity in the real estate industry

Monitor A&E firm assignments & project durations 

Enhance or supplement KPIs to enhance performance

Identify sector patterns to manage trends

Knowing when to transition your company to maximize value


Connecting and Unleashing the Full Potential of the New York Market

Our work spans the entire real estate and construction industry. Our strength is our ability to serve, support, and learn from organizations of all types, from developers and contractors to lenders and investors to insurers and the design community. We connect the dots, make key introductions, create new value, and expand the pie. 


A brand is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well
— Jeff Bezos